TMForum Live!


Qosmos will participate in a catalyst demonstration at the TM Forum Live! Event, June 2-5, Nice, France, in partnership with CloudNFV™: “Dynamic, Data-driven Management and Operations”.

In the demonstration, familiar TM Forum standards are enhanced and used to enable adaptive, event-driven management of virtualized networks.  TM Forum’s Information Framework (SID) is enhanced to make processes dynamic and event driven to enable zero-touch orchestration and unified management. Champions for this catalyst demo are  AT&T, BT, Orange, and Sprint.

Qosmos provides virtual DPI software (vDPI) in the demonstration, deployed as a service infrastructure component by EnterpriseWeb. The Qosmos vDPI is integrated into an overall orchestration and automation process which enables dynamic scaling of network resources. As an illustration, when Qosmos identifies video traffic, it notifies the orchestration system which assigns additional (virtual networking) resources to ensure that video is handled in accordance to predefined SLAs.

For more information: www.tmforumlive.org/catalysts/cloudnfv/

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