The Critical Role of DPI for SD-WAN

SD-WAN solutions need a detailed understanding of network traffic in order to leverage effectively multiple network paths for different applications. In this context, application-level visibility and classification is a key enabler to manage QoS levels, provide security functions such as firewalling, and optimize traffic routing.

Qosmos ixEngine® provides IP classification and extracts metadata up to Layer 7, based on real-time application and subscriber information. It has been built specifically to be integrated into third-party applications, such as SD-WAN, and provides granular information to be used as input for higher-level functions such as firewalling, QoS based-routing and WAN optimization.

Qosmos ixEngine provides application-level visibility to improve SD-WAN routing and security functions


Qosmos ixEngine Main Features for SD-WAN

  • Classifies and keeps track of all network flows by application and user
  • Provides volume, delay and jitter per application, user and network link
  • Fully supports SDN/NFV environments by using a flow-based approach to cover traffic going across both physical and logical interfaces
  • Provides actionable security information in real-time (e.g. automatically identifies fake or corrupted files)
  • Provides computed statistics in real-time (e.g. MOS for VoIP)


The highly granular and timely information provided by ixEngine enables SD-WAN solution developers to create more responsive and precise algorithms. In addition, by integrating ixEngine instead of using in-house DPI technology, SD-WAN solution providers can reduce their development and maintenance costs and accelerate time-to-market.

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