Qosmos ixEngine for vCPE

Virtual Customer Premise Equipment (vCPE) is a lead application for Network Function Virtualization (NFV). Beyond capex and opex savings, vCPE creates an opportunity for service providers to offer new value-added services such as SD-WAN. However, vCPE solutions need visibility beyond Layer 4 to unlock their full potential.

Next-Generation Firewalls, SD-WAN optimization, and Service Function Chaining are all examples of vCPE applications that are made possible with the complete spectrum of Layer 1 to 7 information. Qosmos ixEngine provides IP classification up to Layer 7, based on real-time application and subscriber information. It is easily integrated into vCPE solutions by supporting DPDK and OVS for fast data capture and using standard variables such as ConnTrack App ID and NSH to enable real-time service control. It can be configured using reference implementations such OpenDaylight SFC.



Benefits for vCPE Vendors: Stronger Solutions based on Layer 7 Visibility

  • Firewall and Quality of Service rules that can be applied based on Layer 7 information such applications, web sites, content types, content categories, etc.
  • Efficient and dynamic service chaining based on tag processing
  • Reporting and dashboarding that focus on consumption patterns and quality of experience at the user level


“Today’s network services are characterized by hand-crafted complexity and long, static lifecycles. Dynamic service chaining enhances the operator’s ability to adapt to change and expands the addressable market for telecom network services”

Gabriel Brown, Principal Analyst, Heavy Reading

heavy reading

Find out how ECI & Qosmos are Raising Performance of SDN & NFV Network Management Solutions

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