SDN Network Intelligence Holy Grail: The vSwitch or ToR?


Click here to watch the webinar replay.
Duration: 45 min + Q&A

With the number of virtual switch (vSwitch) ports set to pass the number of top-of-rack (ToR) switch ports, the battle is on to determine which device best provides intelligent traffic flow manipulation. As software-defined networking (SDN) is adopted, virtualization vendors are moving to make their vSwitches the policy enforcement point. SDN vendors use the vSwitch as the control point for SDN network virtualization overlays (NVOs), and network vendors continue to enhance the policy infrastructure of their ToR switches. This webinar explores the advantages and disadvantages of each approach and provides guidelines for purchase-decision makers.
Key Topics for Discussion

  • The migration on the data center network edge from the traditional ToR switch to a vSwitch on each server
  • Benefit of network intelligence shifting to the vSwitch
  • Addressing virtualized applications visibility and performance tuning requirements with deep packet inspection (DPI)
  • Solutions for server CPU offload for vSwitch processing
  • Answers to audience questions during live Q&A


  • Clifford Grossner, Ph.D., Directing Analyst, Data Center, Cloud, and SDN, Infonetics Research
  • David Le Goff, Director of Strategic & Product Marketing, Qosmos
  • Sujal Das, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Strategy and Data Center Business Unit, Netronome
  • JoAnne Emery, Event Director, Infonetics Research (Moderator)

Click here to watch the webinar replay.


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