Project Engineer – France

Region: France
Department: Customer Operations / Project Engineering Team
Office Location: Paris
Position: Project Engineer
Required Starting Date: Immediately
Contract: Permanent


Key Facts About Qosmos

  • Only supplier focusing 100% on OEM IP Classification and DPI technology
  • Dominant supplier with 75% market share
  • Leading standardization of DPI & Network Intelligence in SDN and NFV networks
  • More than 100 customers worldwide (3x nearest competitor)
  • Double-digit revenue growth each year
  • A division of Enea
  • Main office in Paris, 70+ employees, regional offices in Silicon Valley and Singapore.


Working at Qosmos in the Project Management Team

You have a proven ability to work in the CO and R&D departments, to recognize and extract essential information from all traffic types, to ensure optimum performance levels whatever the protocol analyzed and to ensure Carrier Grade stability levels.


Position Summary

The Project Engineer collects customer requirements driving the development of Qosmos products, assists the customer in integrating Qosmos products into its solutions and in supporting this integration throughout the customer project lifecycle.

The Project Engineer may occasionally be required to work on the customer’s premises to assist with product integration, the resolution of support issues, and the delivery of new versions of Qosmos products.


Main Responsibilities

> Participate in customer’s projects using Qosmos DPI/NI Technology in heterogeneous environments:

  • Evaluate feasibility and cost of Custom Projects.
  • Develop features within the scope of Qosmos Development process.
  • Design test procedures and develop test tools.


> Customer relationship management:

  • Be the Qosmos technical contact for customers, with support from the R&D architects, development and test experts.
  • Collect customer requirements and write specifications (new feature requests) with the full support of Qosmos R&D and ensure the successful delivery of our products.
  • Follow-up on critical customer issues to speed up the Qosmos response:
    • Collect relevant information to help the support team
    • Start analysis / production and propose workaround or a patch
    • Validate the fix and manage the hotfix delivery
    • Create Qosmos support tracking tickets and where required link them to the customer tracking tool.
  • Represent the excellence and partnership spirit of our company.


> Assist the customer during the product integration phase

  • Guide our customer during the integration phase by recommending implementation choices.
  • Develop sample application code to respond to customer needs.
  • Propose product optimizations to be integrated in existing Qosmos products (following a customer request, R&D request, or as an individual initiative).


> Q&A and Performance Monitoring/Optimization

  • Ensure that the integration of our technology meets customer requirements in terms of quality and performance:
    • Run performance tests in customer environment
    • Follow performance trends and optimization
    • Profile our software to isolate bottlenecks in the customer architecture and report results to : Customer, Product Management and R&D
  • Develop, test and validate automated test applications to follow/improve our software quality.
  • Benchmarking
    • Knowledge of software profiling usages,
    • Ability to identify bottleneck code and propose corrections,
    • Ability to clearly report issues and benchmarking results for both support and management teams.


> Potentially develop new features for Qosmos products while on the customer premises when necessary for confidentiality, restricted access to the validation environment or timeline reasons:

  • Protocol reverse engineering and plugin development
  • ixEngine framework enhancements
  • Analyze parameter and code software components within the scope of standards and procedures, and according to the evolution guidelines set out for existing components.
  • Ensure that technical goals and deadlines are met.


> Follow the resolution of customer issues and monitor KPI

  • Participate in the elaboration of test plans
  • Create test sets
  • Carry out tests
  • Identify and fix bugs


> Report on a regular basis to management on project progress, identified risks and associated solutions or workarounds


> Capability to work on several projects in parallel


> Capability to drive customer requirements based on the Qosmos portfolio and strategy




  • Master’s degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Information Systems / Networks
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in software development over Linux
  • Fluent English
  • Knowledge of Linux system/kernel
  • Knowledge in Multi-Threading development
  • Development knowledge on Intel CPU architecture and possibly on other Multi Core CPU architectures (Cavium, NetLogic, Tilera, etc.)
  • Debugging techniques
  • In-depth knowledge of network architectures

Additional Skills

  • Good interpersonal skills to interact with customers’ team members
  • Knowledge of algorithms
  • Customer-oriented
  • Knowledge of load balancing
  • Knowledge of telco architecture standards (HA, redundancy, alarms, …)
  • Availability for travel and to spend short periods on customer site – up to 15% of time
  • Experience of test automation 

This position presents an excellent opportunity for an individual looking to learn and progress within the Network Intelligence industry. The successful candidate will be able to develop and acquire new technical and personal development skills.

If you wish to apply for this position, please use the on-line form.

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