NFV World Congress

5 – 8 May 2015, San Jose, USA

Meet with Qosmos at the NFV World Congress (booth #51) to discover how we are leading the market into the critical area of DPI as a service and facilitating the integration of SDN and NFV through network intelligence technologies.

On Thursday, May 7 at 4:40 p.m., Erik Larsson, Vice President of Marketing, will give the following presentation in the Use-Cases & Revenue – NFV Applications track of the conference:

The Rise of the Layer 7 Classifier, Creating Service-Awareness across Networks

  • The Layer 7 Classifier represents an emerging product category, providing detailed, real-time traffic visibility in SDN & NFV environments. It will enable key use cases such as dynamic service chaining in Gi-LAN environments, virtual CPE, and micro-segmentation for enhanced cyber security in datacenters.
  • The Layer 7 Classifier is a standalone software component located in the packet data path, classifying traffic flows in real time for further processing in e.g. switches, PCEF, firewall, probes, etc. It recognizes traffic up to Layer 7 using Deep Packet Inspection and associated techniques. It is built from the inception to be integrated within industry reference frameworks such as SFC, SDN, NFV, and Open Source, and managed by OpenDaylight, OpenStack, etc.

At the OpenDaylight Mini-Summit on Thursday, May 7, Franck Baudin, Senior Software Engineer for Advanced Technologies at Qosmos, will present new functionality in OpenDaylight (ODL), for configuration of Service Function Chaining (SFC) based on L7 classification:

ODL-SFC Feature Development Insights: Application/L7 Aware SFC

  • Franck will share his experience of developing a YANG data model extension with added Layer 7 application matchers in ACLs, and a new rendering plugin for configuring SFC based on L7 classification.

To book a meeting with Qosmos at the event, click here.

For more information on the NFV World Congress, click here.

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