MPLS + SDN + NFV World 2018

10 – 13 April 2018, Hotel Marriott Rive Gauche, Paris, France


Enea – Powering Telecom Networks Worldwide

Come to the Enea stand, no 208, to discover our open-source based NFVI software platforms and our embedded DPI software for network intelligence.

  • Enea provides a complete suite of NFV components based on leading open source technologies. Discover how we optimize, augment, and integrate software components, including NFV infrastructure, management and orchestration (MANO) solutions, virtual network functions (VNF), and lab infrastructure for development and methodology.
  • Qosmos ixEngine from Enea is the market leading DPI and IP classification engine. It is used to add detailed Layer 7 visibility to telecom SDN and NFV solutions. Qosmos traffic analysis delivers complete, real-time application and protocol visibility to SDN & NFV solutions for the creation of new and value-added services.


Find out more about how NFVi software can be the foundation on which to create additional value from your infrastructure in the following presentation: 

NFVi Software: Service Chaining & Assurance

Describing how NFVi software can also be the foundation on which to create additional value, by leveraging:

  • Optimized service chaining up to the application level
  • Service assurance based on detailed monitoring of virtualized traffic
  • Efficient combinations of NFVi software at core and access locations
  • Cutting-edge customization

Friday 13th April, 09.20, Service Assurance Session
Speaker: Nicolas Bouthors, Vice President, Innovation, NFV Business Unit, Enea

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