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What We Value


At Qosmos, we have a strong and shared corporate culture based on key values: employee expertise, an open-minded and participative management, agility in human resource and business process management, and well-being at work.

These values shape our identity and give a concrete meaning to the day-to-day work of each employee. They focus on customer and employee satisfaction and contribute significantly to the performance and success of the company.

What our people say

At Qosmos, we are convinced that people are the principal growth drivers of the company. Here is what some of our people have to say about Qosmos and what it’s like to work here.


Hugues, Project Engineer

“I joined Qosmos in 2011 as an Integration Engineer. After 2 years, I joined the Customer Operations team as a Project Engineer, working closely with R&D and Sales teams to lead dedicated customer programs. When starting at Qosmos, I was impressed by the technical expertise of my new colleagues and how passionate they were about their work. I also discovered that the company was driven by extremely experienced senior managers, open minded to employee ideas and expectations.”


Jean-Baptiste, Senior Technical Account Manager

“I joined the company in 2002. I started as a Protocol Engineer, and then moved on to various positions including Documentation, Demonstration & Training Manager, Global Customer Support & Services Manager, Global System Manager, and currently Senior Technical Account Manager. Involved in most of Qosmos’ business development initiatives, I have travelled around the world countless times to provide support and expertise to our international customers. I’ve been with Qosmos since almost the beginning. Working for a technology pioneer and market leader, with customers and partners at the forefront of technology and in a work environment that fully encourages employee autonomy, ensures the learning experience never ends.”


Frédéric, Research & Development Engineer

“I joined Qosmos in 2010 as a Software Engineer working on Qosmos ixEngine, the company’s flagship product. After 8 months, I was promoted to Framework Technical Leader, then, Release Manager. I currently work as a technical expert for all aspects of Qosmos ixEngine. As a technical expert, I enjoy the challenge of using next generation technologies as well as being challenged by the highly technical environment of our customers. I also appreciate working with great people in a truly friendly atmosphere.”


Romain, Customer Support & Services Engineer

“I began my career with Qosmos in 2009 as a Test & Validation Engineer for Qosmos ixEngine, then Qosmos DeepFlow, before being promoted to Team Leader. I then decided to join the Customer Support & Services team, and I have been working in this team for the last 2 years, enjoying frequent visits to customer sites in the US, Asia and Europe. I like to explore new jobs, acquire new skills, and engage in rich social interactions. Thanks to supportive managers, a caring HR team and amazing colleagues, I was given the chance to change jobs 3 times in 5 years while meeting countless interesting people – this without changing company!”


Tuyen, Program & Release Manager

“I started with Qosmos in 2012 as Customer Support & Services Engineer. A year later, I joined the protocol team as R&D Engineer and I am now Program & Release Manager. Qosmos gave me the opportunity to explore new technical domains and acquire managerial skills. I feel in the right place in the Research & Development team and I believe I am contributing to creating value for the company.”


Vincent, Customer Support & Services Expert Engineer

“I started with Qosmos in 2007 as an R&D Engineer for Qosmos ixEngine. After 4 years in the R&D team, I was offered a position as Customer Support & Services Engineer. In this role, I was located in France and then in the US to serve our growing local customer base. I’ve been part of the Qosmos adventure for 7 years and it feels like home now when I come to the office. The company is constantly growing and the technology moving forward, opening up exciting internal and international career opportunities for all current and future employees.”


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Photographs: © Laurence de Terline

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